Pop-up milk, cereal bars connect with Generation Z


Midwest Dairy aims to bring dairy to life in fun and creative ways. One of these creative ways is reminding local Generation Z of nostalgic childhood memories, including enjoying a bowl of cereal. Midwest Dairy has brought this childhood memory to life through different cereal bars this past year. Not only are these experiences popular, but more importantly, they are connecting Gen Z to dairy products. 

Midwest Dairy was excited to engage with festival goers through a pop-up milk and cereal bar during the 80/35 Music Festival. The festival is a celebration of music and culture presented by the nonprofit Des Moines Music Coalition. In its 10th year, the festival presents a diverse lineup of musicians from all genres across four free stages and one paid stage in the heart of downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Over 20,000 consumers attended the event during the two-day festival in July. Thanks to a generous donation from local processors, we were able to hand out over 1,000 Undeniably Dairy branded cups of cereal and milk. 

Working with our partner Rip Roar Media, we designed a fun, Undeniably Dairy-themed tent to draw in a crowd and showcase dairy’s role in sustainable nutrition. Their Gen Z staff attended and shared dairy’s story and provided a true Undeniably Dairy experience. We reached over 100,000 consumers through social marketing, online presence and in-person engagement.

Following the success of the 80/35 Music Festival pop-up milk and cereal bar, Midwest Dairy partnered with Iowa State University AfterDark to serve over 500 ISU students an excellent dairy experience. ISU AfterDark is a student-run organization that plans three late-night activities on campus each semester.

Midwest Dairy was eager to bring the pop-up milk and cereal bar to life again to engage with students. Thanks to a generous donation from local processors, we were able to hand out over 500 Undeniably Dairy-branded cups of nostalgic cereal and milk in under two hours. ISU students eagerly lined up at the Memorial Union to enjoy the milk and cereal bar, and many were enthusiastically posting on social media about their experience while recruiting their peers to attend. This truly was a positive environment for Gen Z to engage with dairy, which is key to our success in building trust.

Again, Rip Roar Media designed an Undeniably Dairy-themed setup showcasing dairy’s role in sustainable nutrition. Their Gen Z staff provided an Undeniably Dairy experience, mixing up a fun combination of milk and cereal. In addition, Dairy Science Club volunteers engaged with the students, answering questions about responsible dairy production and refueling with dairy. 

Later this fall, the versatility of the milk and cereal bar spread to Illinois. A pop-up milk and cereal bar was showcased during the Illinois vs. Indiana football game during dad’s weekend, serving up fun to 500 fans. Playing to the dad’s weekend theme, participants enjoyed milk and cereal and participated in a football toss to win dairy swag. Lastly, the milk and cereal bar was presented to 600 Illinois student leaders during the Illinois High School Association Leadership Conference. Student leaders fueled their fun with milk and cereal while participating in dairy trivia.  

I am proud of this creative concept that is seeing great success. Midwest Dairy is excited to continue sharing our cereal bar to connect the Gen Z audience to dairy across the 10-state region.


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