Midwest Dairy’s partnership with the St. Paul Saints


In our efforts to build trust with young adult consumers, Midwest Dairy seeks strong, collaborative partnerships that allow us to fit in and stand out wherever we show up. By working with partners who deeply understand their brand and audience, we share dairy’s story in a way that resonates with our communities. 

Our partnership with the St. Paul Saints has entered its second season, marking another exciting chapter in our sports collaboration journey. Although sports partnerships are not new for Midwest Dairy — we’ve worked with several national leagues — the Saints offer a unique opportunity. As a minor league baseball team, the Saints have cultivated a fan base through family-friendly, irreverent fun, making their games an ideal platform for promoting dairy. 

Sports partnerships provide a dynamic avenue to reach consumers, reinforcing the positive associations of dairy products with health, nutrition and enjoyment. Checkoff’s collaboration with the Saints exemplifies this strategy, offering numerous advantages that align with our goals. Partnering with a minor league team like the St. Paul Saints offers several distinct benefits: 

—Versatility and dynamism: Minor league teams are often more flexible and creative in their approach, allowing us to implement various engaging and innovative initiatives. 

—Affordability and accessibility: These partnerships are typically more cost-effective for Midwest Dairy and baseball fans, making them accessible to a broader range of consumers. 

—Unexpected is expected: The Saints are known for their unpredictable, fun atmosphere, which aligns well with our goal to bring unexpected dairy delights to consumers. 

—Athletics messaging: We can seamlessly integrate messages about the health benefits of dairy products into the athletic context. 

—Agricultural alignment: The Saints’ community-oriented approach provides a natural fit for promoting agricultural awareness and dairy farming. 

—Hosting space: The Saints’ games provide an excellent venue for hosting gatherings and leveraging strategic game moments for targeted messaging. 

—High-quality video production: Collaborating on high-quality video content for social media extends our reach and engagement, particularly on platforms like TikTok. 

—Opportunity for messaging: Every game and event offers multiple touchpoints to convey our messages to an engaged audience, starting at the front gate through public address reads, between-inning trivia, live interviews with Princess Kay of the Milky Way during the game, and several other points during and after the game.  

A feature of our partnership with the Saints is the opportunity to either create our own theme night, crafting an experience that aligns with Gen Z interests, or find a theme night that already aligns with Gen Z interests. This year, as we enter our second season, our messaging has become more targeted by leveraging platforms like TikTok and organizing farm tours to deepen consumer engagement. 

Our partnership with the St. Paul Saints is a dynamic and ongoing collaboration filled with creative ideation that continues long after the contract is signed. Both Midwest Dairy and the Saints are committed to finding innovative ways to strengthen our partnership and surprise consumers with delightful dairy experiences. 

Together, we are not just promoting dairy; we are building trust and creating memorable experiences that resonate with young adults, fostering a lasting connection with dairy and dairy farm families. 


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