Blog 48


            There's been growing chatter in the neighborhood about A2 milk. 

            I have mentioned my interest in it and a few of my experiences. I often get asked, “So, what is this A2 milk I've been hearing about? Why is it important? Should we even be thinking about it?”

            Well, here's my two cents worth of input.

            It is definitely a growing topic in the dairy industry. The sire catalogs list A2/A2, and milk can now be directly tested. When we first started our A2 herd conversion eight years ago, neither of those things were available.

            There is a bunch of scientific information about why A2 milk could help a lot of people, but in short, it's quite simple. The quick answer is the protein makeup of the milk is different and is more digestible because of it. The lactose is not removed, and A2 milk has the same great flavor as traditional milk. Sometimes the lactose in milk gets picked on, but it could be the protein affecting people — not always but a possibility.

            As a dairy producer, I asked myself, “Why are plant-based products growing in popularity and milk consumption dwindling?” To answer this topic, much more research and way more space than a blog is needed.

            In my opinion, it's something, as an industry, we need to be learning more about. There is definitely a rising interest in A2 products, and if you have dairy sensitivities, I highly suggest you give it a try. 


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