Blog 47


            Tell me you're a farmer without telling me you're a farmer.

            I'll go first.

            You plan your summer vacation around the breeding wheel. We still use an old breeding wheel to track calving, dry off, vaccinations and breeding. I also use a digital program, but I really like to be able to walk into the office and have an instant visual of the herd.

            We didn't plan a big gap in calving the middle of August but how convenient — prime time to enjoy a family trip.

            We have great neighbors willing to help, and they are perfectly capable of handling a couple fresh cows. But, it's one less stress for us not to worry about while we're away. I don't know where we are going but looks like we are going somewhere.

            I thought of a couple more; farmer language lines that only a farmer would understand, and I'm sure you can add to the list.

            Sorry, we won't make it to the wedding. We've got hay to chop.

            We're going to be late; the calf is coming backward

            I guess that order is to-go; heifers are out.

            Just going to make one more round in this field.


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