Blog 46


            We found a unique character to fill a very unique position. 

            The position requires long hours with no breaks while being out in all the elements and under no circumstances are trespassers to be allowed.

            Where did I find a character to fill this description might you ask? Amazon. Yup, Amazon. Why would we need to fill a position like this? 

            We noticed symptoms of low energy in the cows and consulted with our veterinarian and nutritionist. We had our nutritionist sample the feed freshly faced off and the feed that had been piled overnight. He noticed a big difference.

            We narrowed down our issues to the variation in the corn silage, but why would there be such a variation? We had noticed a flock of grackles hanging around the corn silage pile but didn't think too much of it until the signs showed up in the cows.

            Silly birds, you are going to have to find your meals somewhere else.

            So, trying to think of ways to deter a flock of birds from the pile, I grabbed my phone and searched for ideas. A few ideas popped up, with one I thought just might work. Then, with a click of a button, I ordered a kite-shaped hawk with flapping wings. A couple of days later, Harry the hawk arrived. Without delay, we put him right to work. He flies with the lightest breeze and flaps his wings to let the birds know he is there. Watching over a corn silage pile may not have been what he was originally designed for, but so far, he is holding up his end of the deal. I think the flock of grackles has gotten the message.


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