Blog 44


            This year, part of my gift-giving list was to some of the great people who help make the farm run throughout the year — from the neighbors who milk on a whim to our nutritionist keeping the cows on track and so many in between.

            I decided to put together gift boxes for all these special people who are a part of our team. I included chocolates, which I purchased from two young ladies raising funds for their 4-H group, along with sausage from a local market and added our very own A2 cheese. I included a great variety to show our appreciation for all of the people who keep us on track throughout the year.

            Although that part is checked off my list, there’s a few things that are not. I’ve concluded they just aren’t going to get done. Gifts are not wrapped, decorations are not up, not one batch of cookies is made, and quite honestly, it’s OK for this year. Instead of trying to cram all the holiday stuff I didn’t get done into the next few days, I’m going to appreciate the things I did get checked off and enjoy my family. After all, that’s what it’s supposed to be about.

            So, here’s to you and yours from all of us here at Averbecks Clearview Dairy: A very merry and blessed holiday season! 


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