Parlor Talk Talkin'

Blog 43


            This past weekend, we snuck in one more project.

            It was one of those that we kept putting off and wondered why the heck we did. It wasn’t a hard project, nor one that was terribly expensive — both of which rarely happen.

            We made a trip to the hardware store to load our trailer with bundles of insulation, and we were all set.

            Over the years, the insulation above the parlor, milkhouse and utility room had disappeared. I have no idea where it would have all disappeared to, but not one speck of insulation was left up there. No wonder the furnace seemed to struggle to keep up.

            While we were at the hardware store, we rented a special blower to get the insulation to fill the desired space. We stuffed bundle after bundle into that machine, which chewed it right up. After a couple hours, we had the messy task done. What a difference it made.

            We could tell the difference right away. I’m sure the furnace will be much happier keeping up this winter.

            Any project that helps keep things warmer tops my list — a big checkmark for this project. As I’ve mentioned before, I am not a fan of winter and am already counting the days until spring.


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