Blog 40


            What has been happening on the farm?

            Do I dare say?

            We've been preparing for … winter.

            If you hadn't guessed it, I am not a fan. Each winter, I seem to look forward to it less and less. I do not like to picture frozen noses and fingers, and I don’t enjoy being bundled in so many layers that I feel like the kid in “A Christmas Story.”

            I do, however, like a good excuse to snuggle up with a blanket, the puppy and a good book, because winter is the only time I make time for this sort of thing.

            The last few days, we have been preparing for the cold weather. Hauling out the enormous pile of manure from the summer was my son's task. We replaced doors that somehow miraculously need attention after not being used all spring and summer. The heifers wanted to be sure we had plenty to do this fall. One of my least favorite tasks is putting up the plywood by the maternity pens. It means the warm summer breeze is replaced with a cold draft, and we certainly cannot have this on my newborn babies. So, the plywood goes up until the risk of cold air is gone, usually in May. 

            All these physical tasks block out snow and wind, but I have yet to figure out how to mentally prepare for those things. Each passing winter makes me more determined to follow the geese when we retire. I think of beach sitting and taking up a new hobby, golf. I guess I will keep dreaming for now and enjoy the last few weeks of freedom before I'm tied down to hauling around mittens, snow boots and thermal bibs.


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