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Blog 39


Last week was National 4-H Week, and some of my friends were sharing old 4-H photos.

            It stirred up my curiosity, so I dug out my old record books.

            Wow; I had forgotten so many of the things I had done through 4-H. The various projects, the offices held, the experiences, the trips, the awards and friendships.

            4-H was a big part of my life growing up, and I’d like to think it help shaped me to who I am today. I started my 4-H career showing dairy goats and baking cookies for the fair. I later was in the horse-less-horse project, house plants, arts and crafts, and dabbled in photography.

            I served as treasurer, secretary, vice president and president. In my teenage years, I joined the junior leaders group and became more involved at the county 4-H level.

            The memories are endless of time spent with family at the county fair and various activities. Through 4-H is actually how Louis and I met. So, to say 4-H holds a special place in my heart is probably an understatement. To this day, 4-H is one of my favorite activities to be involved in.

            This year marks my 19th year as a leader. As I was reminiscing through years of photos and hand-written record books, I was inspired to do my best to help and contribute to 4-H in our county.   


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