Parlor Talk Talkin'

Blog 38


            It’s been about a year since we made upgrades in our parlor to the milking system. We added new take offs, new monitors, new units, new wiring and new pulsators — the whole works.

            It’s been working great until a couple days ago when one of the milk units decided to malfunction.

            I made a couple adjustments myself, but all were unsuccessful. I called our dairy supply dealer (the ones who installed the system) to see if they could figure out how to fix the problem.

            They came to look things over but also had no luck. They were out in between milking, so, of course, the problem wasn’t showing up.

            The next morning, a technician came while I was milking to analyze the situation. I know this doesn’t sound like much, but he came before his actual work shift so that he could be there during milking.

            If that wasn’t above and beyond enough, he brought donuts.

            When the days get long and there is so much to cram in, a simple gesture of a morning treat sure goes a long way. To top it all off, he was finally able to track down the problem and got it fixed.  
            My point to this story is, if you’re going to try new things, make sure you have a rocking team in your corner — one that goes above and beyond their job to help you. Don’t quit until they have the problem solved. And I mean, treats sure help.


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