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It has been five years since we went to the Minnesota State Fair. We toured the dairy barns, enjoyed way too much fair food, took in all the sights from atop the Ferris wheel and stopped to listen to a band. It was a fantastic day filled to the brim.

Well, this year, we experienced the state fair in a whole different way — as exhibitors. I signed up Garen and his winter Jersey calf earlier this year and had no idea what we were in for. The whole week was a blur from my view but what an experience beyond words for Garen.

Fair week looks something like this.

Sunday before the fair is set up. Tuesday is move-in day, Wednesday is the day to become acquainted, Thursday and Friday are show days, Saturday is the day to unwind, and Sunday is for packing up.

Oh, and I forget to mention the Monday after the fair. Well, the picture I included sums up that.

Show days are just super cool to take a step back and watch. All the kids jump right in to help each other get the animals ready and prepare to enter the ring. The support I witnessed for Garen's first year was truly heartwarming. This is one extraordinary group of youth.

As I watched the kids over the week, I realized not only are they getting to show at the state fair together, but they are building friendships that will last a lifetime. As I said before, it was a blur for me, but Garen hasn't stopped talking about it. I'm guessing this is something that will get added to our annual summer activities.


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