To be heard

Too many times
We pass each other by
In a rush, we say, “Oh, how are you?”
“Well, hello there,” we quickly reply

The thing of it is
Our feet don’t stop moving
We just keep go, go, going
This, we need to work on improving

All of us could afford
To slow down and listen more
Learn about those around us
It should not be a chore
People expect you to respond
Say, “I’m fine, I’m grand.”
Throw a wrench in their expectation
Reply honestly: “I’m hanging by a strand.”

This may give them pause
They were not quite prepared
For an answer that begs conversation
You spoke truth, you dared

Some will slow their stride
Others smile and continue with their day
Choosing to think you joke
It’s easier for them that way
Those that hear your words
You can see the care in their eyes
Could be an acquaintance you barely know
Yet, with caring there is no disguise

This may be the person
That catches you vulnerable, real
And for some reason your heart opens
More honest words come out, you reveal

Sometimes it is the shock
An unexpected human showing kindness
That you suddenly turn into
A blubbering, tear-dropping mess

This heartfelt exchange
Leaves you both feeling lighter
A case of right place, right time
The world just became brighter

Slow down to listen
Slow down to be heard
Pay attention to others’ eyes
They often say more than their words


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