Still on the roller coaster

The roller coaster ride that is my life
Will not let me off just yet.
I have searched for an opportunity
On that you can bet.

Husband feeling like himself;
Strange description, but it fits.
Cancer shrinking, he’s on break;
Forever positive, quick with his wits.

This wife went in
For a squash and a squeeze.
Yes, I had put it off.
No lectures, if you please.

Hindsight is great
Because we know more.
Worthless to me now
As I stare at future’s door.

One simple appointment
Spawned another and another.
Squeezes, pokes, prods and pictures
Then the diagnosis with words that smother.

Now it is me getting the verdict.
Words spoken had been heard before.
There is an enemy in my body;
And we must wage war.

The plan of attack was drawn.
The surgery scheduled and planned.
I said farewell to that which grew my babies.
No milking cows for now; I am banned.

Children are well aware
Of all that has happened and what is to come.
Honesty, humor and strength of family
Help to deal with this unnecessary glum.
This is a hard left
From my plans for the year.
I would be lying to you
If I claimed no fear.

Some days I can’t process it.
Some days I struggle to cope.
But, one foot in front of the other.
There really isn’t much time to sit and mope.

I lean on those
Who have fought and won.
I stand tall and strong for those
Who have races yet to run.

I remind myself daily
This truly could be so much worse.
The voice that speaks screams
To be louder than the frequent curse.

We have some incredible humans
Both near and far away,
Showering love, flowers, food, prayers.
Their care lightens the load each day.

    Jacqui and her family milk 800 cows and run 1,200 acres of crops in the northeastern corner of Vernon County, Wisconsin. Her children, Ira (14), Dane (12), Henry (7) and Cora (4), help her on the farm while her husband, Keith, works on a grain farm. If she’s not in the barn, she’s probably in the kitchen, trailing after little ones, or sharing her passion of reading with someone. Her life is best described as organized chaos – and if it wasn’t, she’d be bored.


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