FFA: Inside the Emblem

Albany FFA Chapter


61 members
Albany, Minnesota
Stearns County

Tell us about your chapter. The Albany FFA Chapter seems to always have something going on. Between FFA Week, Drive a Tractor to School, a petting zoo and many other events, the members have their hands full. One of the events that the chapter does every year is farm safety, where a few of our members will talk to fifth graders about how to remain safe on a farm. For a smaller school, our chapter always has between 55 to 75 members each year, many participating in different activities throughout the year. Albany FFA is open to any student grades 7 to 12 who is enrolled in an agricultural class throughout the year.

How does your chapter volunteer in the community throughout the year? Albany FFA volunteers in the community through adopting a highway, where the chapter has adopted a 2-mile stretch. The chapter also helps set up for Pioneer Days, a local thrashing show, and the chapter also participates in the 10 Gallon Challenge every year.

What fundraisers does your chapter do throughout the year? The chapter’s only fundraiser is fruit sales, and it has been very successful for our chapter since we have many members who are willing to put in the extra time to go out and sell.

What are the biggest events of the year? The biggest event the chapter goes to every year is the state convention. Many members compete there, and we occasionally have members receiving their state degrees. 

What is unique about your chapter? The chapter restores a tractor that the FFA Alumni raffles off each year. All the work the tractor needs done is completed at the school.

When was your chapter founded and how has it evolved? I’m not exactly sure when the chapter was started, but I would say it was around the 1960s. Up until 1965, only white people were able to be in FFA, and women were unable to join until 1969. While this is not specific to our chapter, I believe these are important milestones throughout all of FFA, along with in 1989 when the name Future Farmers of America was dropped and the organization was opened to other agriculturally involved members. When I look at the members within our FFA chapter, I’m glad that FFA is open to all students. 


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