16 ounces of spaghetti-like pasta
1 cup Italian blend of shredded cheese
3 egg yolks
3 strips of bacon
Black pepper, to taste
Parmesan cheese, grated to taste

Beat together Italian cheeses, egg yolk and a pinch of black pepper. Set aside. Cook bacon in large pan on stove until crispy, pull out and chop, set aside. At the same time, cook pasta to directions on box. Salt the water. Once cooked, save about 1.5 cups pasta water. While pasta is hot, put into bacon grease and add egg and cheese mixture and 1 cup of pasta water. Continuously mix together with tongs or two forks until sauce is smooth. If needed, add a little more pasta water. Add in bacon and mix. Serve with a sprinkle of black pepper and parsley, and top with desired amount of Parmesan cheese.


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