1 cup whole milk, well chilled
1/2 cup honey
2 cups heavy cream, well chilled
2 tsp. pure vanilla extract

Mix the milk and honey together in a medium bowl until the honey is fully mixed in. (If the honey is very thick, it may help to heat it just a bit so it is a little more liquid.) Stir in the cream and the vanilla. (Stir it in gently; do not whip the cream.) Cover the mixture and put it in the refrigerator until it is really cold (especially if you had to heat the honey). Take the freezer bowl out of the freezer; put it in the ice cream maker. Stir the cream mixture to make sure it is blended well and pour it into the ice cream maker bowl. Turn the machine on and mix until thickened, about 30 minutes. Put the ice cream in an airtight container and freeze until you’re ready to serve. (2 or more hours in the freezer will give the ice cream a firmer consistency.)