1 package Ciabatta rolls from the bakery section
1 pound thin sliced deli ham
8 slices Swiss (or Cheddar or
  Havarti) cheese
1 jar sauerkraut

Slice open rolls. Drizzle insides lightly with melted butter. Layer one cheese slice on bottom roll. Top with three slices ham (or whatever looks right). Layer a bit of Sauerkraut (just a little or sandwiches will be watery). Put on top side of roll. Continue for rest of sandwiches. Drizzle butter lightly on top of rolls and sprinkle with a dash of garlic salt if desired. Wrap sandwiches individually in tin foil, place on baking sheet and bake at 375 degrees until cheese is melty (about 10 minutes). Pack and serve. Sauerkraut can be omitted. Cheese may also be varied to create new combos.