Waverly, Iowa
Bremer County
50 cows

Family: My husband, John; dog, Shadow; cats, Pugsley, Pretty Girl and Lil Abner.

Tell us about your farm. I am the second generation on our 160-acre farm. We milk 50 registered Guernsey and Brown Swiss cows. We grow about 60 acres of corn; the rest is hay and pasture. Our cows are housed in a tiestall barn in the winter and are pastured April through November.

What’s the busiest time of day for you? Chore time morning and night.

When you get a spare moment what do you do? Weed my garden and flower beds. Nothing soothes my soul like pulling a weed out by its roots!

Tell us about your most memorable experience working on the farm. We have had some memorable moments in the show ring, but looking back on a lifetime spent dairy farming, it’s getting the crops in and harvested every year. Also, having one more heifer calf from that favorite old cow is memorable.

What have you enjoyed most about dairy farming or your tie to the dairy industry? Registered cattle have given us the opportunity to meet people from all around the United States and the world. We like to keep in touch with them. Showing cattle from the time I could walk has given me lifelong friendships.

How do you stay connected with others in the industry? Social media and by phone.

Who is someone in the industry who has inspired you? Why? There are so many! My top three are my father, Herb Walther; Frank Sivesind from Prairie Moon Guernseys of Waukon, Iowa; and my dear friend Bernita Gable of Snider’s Homestead Farm in Pennsylvania. Their dedication to the Guernsey breed inspires me every day.

If you could give a tour of your farm to a prominent woman in today’s society, who would it be and why? I would not want a woman who would not walk the farmyard to look at youngstock or across the pasture to look at cows, so I choose Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. She milked a cow and showed in the celebrity steer show at the Iowa State Fair. Now that’s my kind of woman!

What is the best vacation you’ve ever taken? Explain. We have never had a vacation that did not involve cattle! We took a micro-vacation to this year’s Iowa State Fair to watch a young man show one of our Brown Swiss calves. It was a great day. The heifer placed first place in the open show and was later first in the youth show.

What are some words you like to live by? Respect the people who value your worth, forgive the ones who don’t, and then move on.