What dairy or ag-related extracurricular activities are you involved in? In 4-H, I am involved in dairy judging and dairy quiz bowl. I am also a member of the Dairy PDC where I planned the Houston County 4-H Dairy Fun Day. In 2017, I attended the National 4-H Dairy Conference. In FFA, I am on the dairy judging team where I have competed at the State FFA Convention in dairy judging and dairy cattle handling. My involvement in the Minnesota Brown Swiss Association and the National Brown Swiss Association has given me the opportunity to attend canton meetings, attend national conventions, and serve as a Minnesota Brown Swiss Ambassador for the past three years and even compete as a national ambassador where I was named a finalist. I have also attended the Minnesota Youth All Breeds Convention and had the opportunity to compete with my dairy quiz bowl team at the National Holstein Convention in 2017. I have also recently been crowned the 2019 Houston County Dairy Princess. I am very excited for the opportunity to serve as a dairy promoter in my county.

Why are you involved in these activities/organizations and what is your favorite? I love being involved in these organizations and activities because I am extremely passionate about agriculture and the dairy industry. I have continuously learned new things and met many people who share the same interests as me. I believe I can learn so much from just talking to people. I have been able to expand my knowledge of agriculture and the dairy industry by attending many dairy related conferences and conventions. My favorite activity is being the Houston County Dairy Princess. Even though I was just recently crowned, this is something I have wanted to do since I started showing dairy cows. My passion for the dairy industry has had a huge impact on deciding my major in college and ultimately what I want to do for the rest of my life. I love the dairy community and I want to continue to serve dairy farmers.

Tell us your best experience during your time in these activities/organizations. One of my best experiences was getting the opportunity to attend the National Holstein Convention in Bellevue, Wash. It was an unforgettable experience to be able to travel to the west coast to see dairy operations and how different the terrain is. I also got to meet many people and made a lot of friends I still see at other dairy activities.

What’s your favorite social media and why? My favorite social media is Snapchat. It is easy and fun to talk with friends and Snapchat creators are always adding new things to make the app even better.

What career are your aspirations? When I graduate from college, I would love to get a job as a dairy geneticist. I have always found genetics extremely interesting, and I would love to get a job where I can help farmers pick their genetics to better their herds. In the future, I would also like to own a dairy farm with mostly Brown Swiss. Showing dairy cows has always been a huge passion and hobby of mine, and I would really like to continuing showing.

What is something you’ve learned from being involved in these activities/organizations? When I attended the National 4-H Dairy Conference, one of the speakers talked about the importance of networking and getting to know the other youth who attend these kinds of activities because in the future, they are the people I am going to be working with in the dairy industry. This speaker’s words will always stick with me whenever I am attending an agriculture or dairy related activity.

Who do you look up to and why? I look up to Matt and Myriah Klug. They have graciously allowed me to lease their cows and let me be a part of their dairy operation for the past nine years. They have taken me under their wing to show and teach me all about dairy farming, showing, the dairy industry, and helping me discover and grow my passion. Throughout the years they have encouraged me in all of my dairy involvement, and I believe helped shape the person I am today. They are some of the most considerate, compassionate, generous, and driven people I know.
Tell us something about yourself that many people don’t know. For two summers, my family and I raised Bob White Quail and released them into the wild to try to help rebuild the Southeast Minnesota Quail population.

Tell us who you work for, how many cows they milk, how long you have worked there and your duties on the farm. I work for Matt and Steve Klug at Cozy Valley Farm in Spring Grove, Minn. They milk 100 registered Brown Swiss in a tiestall barn. I have helped on their farm for the past 10 years and have officially been working for them for the past three years. My responsibilities on the farm include milking, switching cow groups, scraping the barn after milking, herding the cows to the freestall barn, letting the cows out to pasture and feeding the heifers. I also help with scraping and bedding pens, feeding hay, feeding calves, checking herd health and drawing blood for pregnancy testing.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and how would you change it? I would want to change people’s view on agricultural industries. Many organizations portray farmers as people who do not care about the welfare of their animals. Many people switch to dairy alternatives because they are worried cows are not being properly taken care of and that buying milk is supporting the mistreatment of animals. I would change it by promoting more virtual farm tours for people so they can see for themselves firsthand what farms are really like. If the world knew the truth about farmers, I feel agriculture would be stronger than ever and not encounter so many hardships like we are currently in.