Isaac Kulzer
Employer: Greg and Angie Kulzer
Greenwald, Minnesota
Stearns County
74 cows
Senior at Melrose High School
18 years old
Tell us your favorite experience of Isaac helping with chores. As kids get older, they get busier. I have always enjoyed milking with Isaac because I had a few hours every day that we could discuss sports, politics or just talk.
What qualities does Isaac have that benefit the farm? Isaac is patient which is important with cattle. He is also good at troubleshooting. He was probably 15 years old when he started taking apart the DeLaval pulsator because there was an issue with it.

What are your responsibilities on the farm? For the most part, I deal with the milking. I milk most of the cows at night and help in the morning with milking as well as before school.
When did you begin helping on the farm? Around the age of 6.
How do you balance school, extracurricular activities and farm chores? I try to get most of my school work done in school, but sometimes I have to do it after chores. For activities, I do golf and cross-country, but as soon as practice is over, I head home to help with the chores.
How has working on the farm shaped your character? It has helped me grow a strong work ethic as well as teach me to help others as much as possible.
What do you love most about farm life? The constant errands to run allows me to be out and about.
What is one thing you have learned from working alongside your employer? Work hard and don’t worry about everything so much. Things will end up just fine.
What are your future plans? I plan to attend either the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities or St. John’s University for something in the medical field.