KENSINGTON, Minn. – Students were encouraged to enjoy an extra serving of dairy as part of Douglas County American Dairy Association’s Dairy Day Tuesday, March 5 in Minnesota’s Douglas County.
    Children in grades pre-K to fourth grade not only took part in the challenge, but also heard from Princess Kay of the Milky Way as she visited West Central Area South Elementary School in Kensington, Minn.
    She helped encourage dairy consumption as part of the county ADA’s promotion.
    “These are students who may be learning about cows for the first time or have cows at home and are learning how much they enjoy sharing what they know with their classmates,” Paskewitz said. “Regardless of experience, these young minds are current eaters and future decision makers in the dairy aisle, making them a great audience for the dairy story.”
    Paskewitz spent the morning in classrooms, and visited with children about dairy products and talked to them about what life is like on a dairy farm.
    At lunchtime, Paskewitz helped distribute yogurt to students who were eager and excited to enjoy an extra serving of dairy.
    “Today has been phenomenal,” Paskewitz said. “These kids are so kind and open to learning. Their excitement for milk’s journey from farm to school builds my own enthusiasm for our dairy story.”
    The tradition began last year when the group promoted dairy products in area schools through an initiative called, Two Milk Tuesdays. This year, they are offering yogurt or a cheese stick to students with their lunch meal.
    “Dairy Day Tuesdays is an exceptional program and example of dairy farmers sharing their livelihood with the community,” Paskewitz said.
    To date, Dairy Day Tuesday was held Feb. 26 and March 5 for students in Douglas County schools. So far, the event has reached 5,500 students in 19 schools across the county.
    Another Dairy Day Tuesday will take place March 12.