Pete and Lexi share a moment during the fireworks show Lexi’s brother and his friends put on later in the night Sept. 25 in Conrath, Wisconsin.
Pete and Lexi share a moment during the fireworks show Lexi’s brother and his friends put on later in the night Sept. 25 in Conrath, Wisconsin. PHOTO COURTESY OF MAX LEE

CONRATH, Wis. – Lexi Zunker and Pete Kaufmann-Luft were married at Lexi’s family farm Sept. 25. It was a fairy tale wedding for Lexi.
Lexi and her brother, Dallas, are the fifth generation on the farm they own with their parents, Andy and Valerie, near Conrath. They milk 250 cows and farm around 1,000 acres of hay and corn silage.

Preparations for the wedding began early in the year. Across from the main farm there is a 50-acre field that has two big oak trees in the middle, approximately 200 feet apart.
“Since I was a little girl, I said I was going to get married between those oak trees,” Lexi said
Her brother came up with the idea to dig up some of the existing hay field and plant corn around the trees. She was immediately on board and thought it sounded amazing. Her dad disagreed. The hay had only been growing for two years, and he was hesitant to dig it up.
“One of my brother’s friends ended up convincing my dad it would be OK,” Lexi said.
In March, Lexi and her dad went out and spray painted off the area they wanted to leave in hay. Her dad then dug it up and planted corn. It ended up like a corn maze that leads into a big, mowed space with the oak trees inside.
The wedding and happy hour took place in the field, with drinks and snacks while family pictures were taken. The reception then took place in her brother’s shop on the farm. Her brother uses the shop for equipment maintenance and for working on the diesel trucks he pulls. Cleaning the shop was a big priority for the reception.
There were also bouncy houses for the kids and games for everyone.
“We really take pride in how clean we keep our farm. There was not a whole lot of extra work to do because we keep up with it always. It’s a beautiful place to have a wedding,” Lexi said.
It took a couple disasters and face lifts to get the farm looking the way it does today. In the past decade or so, the family suffered a silo failure and an F3 tornado, both of which did significant damage to multiple buildings.
“We try not to focus on the bad things,” Lexi said.
Both times disaster struck, the family worked together and worked hard to get everything running again.
“Our family is so close, and this just made us closer. Our family always puts family first, even before the farm,” Lexi said.
Pete and Lexi met in 2019 at Chippewa Valley Technical College where she works as an office assistant, and he was returning as a student after six years in the Marine Reserves. After a couple weeks of talking, Pete invited Lexi out for Thai food.
“It was really cute; I had never been asked out in person before,” Lexi said. “It was always by text or through a dating app.”
She reveals he did not even know her name when he asked her out, something they laugh about now.
“I figured if this guy is brave enough to ask me out on a date without even knowing my name, then he’s brave enough to handle me,” Lexi said.
After their first date, Lexi was not sure if she would ever hear from him again, but he texted her the very next day.
“When he texted me the next day I just thought, ‘Alright, we’re going to do this,’” Lexi said.
Lexi holds a master’s degree in music and teaches piano, has a macramé business and shows horses. She lives in Eau Claire but spends every summer and weekend at the farm.
Pete does not have a background in farming. After his time in the Marine Reserves, he earned his associate degree in architectural and structural design. Now he is earning his degree in environmental sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. He hopes to be an agricultural or environmental engineer. It was his dedication to the farm that sealed the deal for Lexi.
“What really made me fall in love with him is that we have this big dairy farm in Conrath, and he absolutely loves going up there,” Lexi said. “He loves helping out my dad and my brother on the farm, and has completely embraced farm life.”
When Pete spent six days cutting and raking the entire fourth crop of hay, Lexi knew he was the one.
“He has just taken to it so naturally,” she said. “Just seeing how much he loves it up there and how passionate he is about it made me think this is the guy. This is it.”
Pete fit right in with Lexi’s lifestyle.
“He wants to be a weekend warrior farmer, and I’m up there every weekend anyway,” Lexi said.
Now the newly-weds will be able to farm together. Before then, the couple is headed on a mini-moon camping trip up to Copper Harbor in the upper peninsula of Michigan, with further plans to go somewhere warm for Spring Break in March.