Evan Jacobson stacks straw bales.
Evan Jacobson stacks straw bales.

We are rolling into the dog days of summer. Jeramie has harvesting wheat on the top of his mind. We recently purchased a different combine and are excited to see it work. I am extremely excited about this combine because this will be the first combine that we’ve ever owned that has a real buddy seat. Now when I ride along it will be in comfort!

Each summer the wheat is always the first to go. Then we bale the straw. Ethan is our main square bale stacker. I am thankful that he has taken my place. We stack all of our square bales in the hay shed. The haymow used to be where we kept the straw, however since we use a bale accumulator now it’s easier to stack them in the hay shed with the skid loader and then adjust them by hand.

One day this past week, Hannah had a friend over to go horseback riding with her. After saddling both horses she discovered a nail in the back of Dollar's hoof. Jeramie pulled it out with ease but we made sure to call our vet. The vet came out and checked Dollar over and then vaccinated horses, Clyde, and Gunner too. We were all happy to heart that Dollar will be fine. 

We have all of our barn stalls full and had two new heifers freshen this week so we’ve had to switch cows. When we have an extra cow to milk, we switch them in and out during milkings. This usually takes an extra 15 minutes or so and always makes Jeramie grumpy. We plan to sell a cow this upcoming week. Hopefully it will be a good sale.

Our weather has made for some beautiful crops so far; Jeramie is very excited about his soybeans. They are currently waist high and still growing!