Cattle grazing on pasture
Cattle grazing on pasture

Hannah here!

This past month I have been busy being back at college. Although I am living in Fargo, I am still very connected to my family’s farm. I talk to my family every day and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Due to the pandemic the majority of my classes are online, although some are still taking place in person. My favorite class is a horse riding class that is required for my equine assisted activities and therapies minor. The minor is a certification that certifies me to give lessons to people who are looking to use horsemanship skills to improve everyday life skills.

I have been volunteering at Bison Stride’s hippotherapy sessions once a week. Hippotherapy is actual therapy with either an occupational, physical, or speech therapist that incorporates the movement of the horse. I love helping out at the hippotherapy sessions because it gives me an idea of what I may be doing if I become an occupational therapist one day. My goal is to become an occupational therapist and do the hippotherapy as well.

Back home on the farm, we barely beat the rain to get the beans off! However, all the hard work has paid off because all of our soybeans have successfully been harvested. It’s a great feeling being one step closer to finishing fall fieldwork. Now we are trying to get our lean-to project finished and then the rest of the fieldwork. I am hoping we can get finished with everything early and maybe we can take a short family vacation. On the farm, vacations don’t happen often so I am always very thankful for any time that we can take off as a family.