Hannah and Ethan on Christmas.
Hannah and Ethan on Christmas.

We managed to make it half way through December without hardly any snow, but winter has arrived now and with it has came several inches of snow. At the farm, we were enjoying the lovely weather that we have been so lucky to receive.

Jeramie decided to buy a hammer mill to replace the roller mill for our high moisture corn, as well as a different four-wheel drive New Holland tractor to replace the Versatile.

He has also been busy treating a few of our cows for pneumonia. It seems that the constant flux in temperature has caused the sickness in a couple of our cows. Unfortunately, even with treatment we lost one cow, but the other two cows are improving and none of our other animals are showing any symptoms.

On a brighter note, Hannah has come home for winter break and successfully completed the semester with good grades. She says that it was definitely a different semester and is proud to continue doing well in college.

Ethan is also on winter break and is happy with the snow that has fallen. Despite not currently owning a snowmobile, he is on the lookout for the right one that comes up for sale. Jeramie’s birthday was this month on the 18th and we celebrated the day with family and friends.

Christmas this year with our family was slightly different due to the pandemic. We did not get to see every member of our extended family, but we were happy to see the ones who were able to celebrate with us. In total, we have three different Christmas parties that we attend each year. Two of which are hosted on our farm. We all agree that this year has been tougher than some in the past and are excited to welcome the new year!

We are each thankful for our accomplishments and that we are all still alive and well, but this is not going to be a year that will be missed. It seems that a lot of our friends and family can agree. We hope you all had a merry Christmas and would like to wish you a happy new year!