Ethan and Jeramie work on a lean-to addition to their machine shed.
Ethan and Jeramie work on a lean-to addition to their machine shed.

When it rains it pours and it seems to be raining every other day lately. We were finally able to sneak in enough dry time to get the remaining wheat combined and then a few days later we were able to get the straw round baled and hauled home to the farm. 

While we were waiting for drier weather we have been busy getting Hannah moved into her rental house in Fargo now that college is back in session.  She and the three other girls she is living with have all been good friends so I know that she is happy and having a good time while at school. I sure do miss having her at home on the farm with us but I know she will not be away too long and she will be home to visit soon.

We've also just recently had Ethan’s senior pictures taken. I had to laugh at how different preparing for Ethan’s pictures were from Hannah’s. Hannah had chosen all of her own clothes and had lots of ideas of the types of photos she wanted. Ethan tried on the clothes that I’d picked out for him about 20 minutes before the photographer arrived. I guess that’s the difference between boys and girls. I’m sure that the final result will still be just as amazing and I am excited to get his pictures back.

Jeramie and Ethan are also trying to build a lean-to addition onto our machine shed.  They just dug the post holes and are getting them squared up and set. It always seems that this time of year there are lots of projects that we think of that need to be done. I hope that the weather stays nice into the fall so we can finish them all. 

By the look of our crops I know that we are going to be extremely busy in the coming weeks.  Everything seems to be ready at the same time. I hope that everyone has a safe, bountiful harvest this year!