Last night, I finally got a good night of sleep. Many nights, I lay awake thinking about all the stuff to do. The list of stuff that needs to be done while the weather is nice, the list of stuff to get done this summer, and the list that never seems to end. My lists go on and on. Writing them down helps, but I should have a note pad by my bed so I do not forget by morning.
    Sometimes I am nervous about commitments I have made and have not completed yet. I worry I might fail to remember. Deadlines, due dates and bills that need to be paid. All swirling in my mind as I toss and turn and try to relax, but I keep checking the clock as time keeps ticking on.
    The weather might have had a lot to do with my ability to sleep. It was a beautiful sunny day. I was walking around the farm with families and school groups talking and sharing information. I was teaching them about cows and what it takes to make delicious dairy products. Or, maybe it was that I had a few hard lemonades, but sleep came easy to me.
    It could also be that the commitments I had were completed thanks to the help of my daughters. I had a PowerPoint presentation that was due on Monday. Before I missed the deadline, I had requested I be allowed a few more days to have my girls help. Even though the request was granted, I was carrying that to do feeling in my mind and was mentioning it to Anna and Catherine every time I saw them. They graciously helped me, but also reminded me I should learn how to do this myself.
    “Click, cut and paste.”
    “You can do it.”
    It was great mother-daughter time spent together, and maybe I can learn for the next PowerPoint.
    I have a hard time grasping some things on the computer, and, if I am not doing it daily, I will cease to think about it and it disappears. I work many times throughout the day on the computer in the barn to bring up information I need, but I am not arranging it in slides with a header and bullet points. Searching for photos in files and in all the other hiding places is so easy for Anna and Catherine to find. They get it. I do not. They remind me often that I can do it.
    Along with the PowerPoint, I had to update my photo and biography for the election for the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, formally the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. I am running again for District 24 which consists of Dane and Jefferson counties. I needed to have an updated head shot photo.
    The photo had to be professional and with a gray background. I went to JCPenney Portraits, thinking they would be able to take the picture, send it to me, and I could forward it onward. Easy-peasy. Well, it went kind of like that, but it took over two days. As the deadline was approaching, I still did not have my high resolution photos on Thursday evening, and I needed to have them in by Friday.
    My farm tour schedule for Friday was busy with families early and a home school group after lunch. I was not sure if my head shot photo was going to come through on time. I was restless all night, getting up to check if it came through in the night, but it did not. I called after the store opened only to find out the portrait studio does not have a phone number on the automated answering system, and the associates that answered could forward my call, but the photographer was busy taking baby photos for Easter. I left a message.
    While I was finishing up the tour for the home school group, Catherine checked my emails, and it had finally come.
    “Click, attach and send,” she said. “You can do it.”
    She waited and helped me through it, and that seemed to relieve the anxiety and stress that had been building all week. I felt so relaxed. After feeding calves that night, I cracked open a hard lemonade and then another. I slept like a baby.
    Tina Hinchley, her husband, Duane, and their daughters, Anna and Catherine, milk 240 registered Holsteins with robots. They also farm 2,300 acres of crops near Cambridge, Wisconsin.  They have been hosting farm tours for over 20 years.