There have been so many events we have attended in June. I cannot help but feel there are a few things in common that have made them all successful: family, friends and great weather. With five Saturdays in June, there were plenty of good times to be had by all.

The dairy breakfasts, graduation parties, my son’s wedding and our open house at our farm were blessed with beautiful weather. Weather that was so perfect that we seemed to forget the rain that flooded the fields the days before. The sun shining and bright colors of everything from flowers to snow covered mountains and lush green fields of corn and alfalfa seemed to pull all the worries out of the pictures taken.

The Dane County Dairy Breakfast was hosted by the Klahn family in Brooklyn, Wis. With the backdrop of beautiful grain bins with an American flag flying, guests were greeted with big smiles, a delicious breakfast and a chance to learn about how a farm works to get the feed for cows, grain for ethanol and food for the table. We enjoyed visiting with old friends and meeting new ones while we painted cow spots on children’s faces and promoted our farm for the 2020 Dane County Dairy Breakfast.

We had many farm tours in June, but it was scheduled around the dates so we could leave the farm and celebrate with our friends’ graduates and families. Any gathering to enjoy each other’s company is special. We look forward to attending.

Near the end of the month, we packed our bags and headed to Washington to be a part of our son’s wedding. My mother, who is in a wheelchair, my sister, our daughter Catherine, and daughter Anna with her boyfriend, Kevin, shared a condo in the Mount Rainier National Park. The White River rushed by the deck with elk crossing in the distance. Moss covered trees and hiking paths invited us to see the natural beauty that is the great Northwest.

The wedding venue was held at Crystal Mountain Ski Chalet. We took the gondola to the top of the mountain and looked at Mount Rainier which was peeking out of the clouds with snow covered peaks. Breath taking. Even with a cool breeze, the sun warmed us with the spectacular view. The wedding was beyond anything we could have ever imagined. 

It was the perfect event to have before our open barn that was on the last Saturday of June. Recharged and revitalized, we pulled together to get our farm set for the biggest open house we have ever hosted.

The late and sleepless nights that go with the preparation of these types of events could not change the outcome of what the day would be remembered for. The planning and organizing, and the tireless attention to every detail were worth it. We are thankful for the volunteers, family members and friends who went through the endless to-do lists and the last minute runs to the store to grab that one item that made a difference.

The early morning roosters crowing led the way for a great day June 29 with the right combination of sunshine and warmth. Everything was beautiful.

The open house put our farm on display. The new barn with the milking system was the highlight, but the rest of the barn was too with its slatted floor, ventilation, lighting, waterbed mattresses and the cows. There was food, music and people everywhere. What a great turn out.

People came from near and far. Neighbors came who watched the building go up and waited for the day to peek inside. Farmers came to see and learn about the new technology that is available to help make their lives a little easier. 

As the day wound down, and the cars and trucks pulled away, we all knew it was the best we could do. It was gratifying to know we shared our farm with so many. We are thankful to be able to meet new friends, spend time with others who embrace our passion for farming and love the lives we all live. What a wonderful day.

Tina Hinchley, her husband, Duane, and their daughters, Anna and Catherine, milk 240 registered Holsteins with robots. They also farm 2,300 acres of crops near Cambridge, Wisconsin. They have been hosting farm tours for over 20 years.