I have been looking at photographs of grandparents for a collage for Anna and Kevin’s wedding that is coming up this weekend. I was interested in the flowers and cakes that were included in the wedding. I only have the Hinchley side, because Kevin’s mother was going to take care of their family history.
    What I found out was interesting. I am so glad I took the time to peak into what happened with Duane’s parents, Keith and Ruth. We found the actual wedding announcement that was posted in the local newspaper.
    “Miss Gretebeck is bride of K.L. Hinchley.” It goes on to list the families and addresses from both sides. It mentions the church and that it was an evening wedding Aug. 14, 1947, at 8 p.m. Aug. 14 is just a week before Anna and Kevin’s wedding date of Aug. 22, and Keith and Ruth would have been married 73 years if they were with us today. We will be thinking of them as we celebrate.
    I read that the wedding was at 8 p.m. I then remembered both families were dairy farmers. Of course, it had to be after milking, chores and time for everyone to get dressed and ready. The newspaper reported that Ruth wore a navy blue gabardine suit with burgundy accessories and her corsage was of roses and sweet peas.
    A wool suit in August struck me as crazy, but then I remembered it was late in the evening for the wedding. It does cool down after the sun sets. I read on. Immediately following the service, a reception was held at the lawn of the bride’s parents’, which was lighted by paper lanterns and decorated with paper wedding bells and pink streamers.
    The details of this announcement helped me visualize the whole event. The photos show a beautiful scene as the flash caught everyone celebrating. The background was dark, because it was late and dark outside.
    A large table held a three-tier wedding cake, the groom’s cake and a large bouquet of pink and white gladioli. Garden flowers decorated the other tables. The table for gifts was overflowing, and everyone was smiling as they both cut the cake together.
    I was not familiar with a groom’s cake, and I learned that it was a tradition that the cake would be made with chocolate or fruit. I like the idea of a groom’s cake, except Anna loves chocolate and Kevin does not. Maybe we can do a switch and make a little bride’s cake with chocolate. But then again, that is why there are also cupcakes at weddings with flavors to please everyone.
    Just like Ruth and Keith, the plan was to use flowers from our garden to make the bouquets for Anna’s wedding. I did not plant any gladiolas but have a few varieties of coneflowers, and the black-eyed Susans are bright and attractive. The wild flowers blooming on the side of the fields will also be the likely choice to arrange.
    I am certain Anna and Kevin will try to remember all the work that went into creating this special place for their wedding on our farm. The haymow is draped with tulle and lights, straw bales are covered with burlap. Stumps and galvanized tubs to hold everything from the cakes to the bottled and canned drinks. As the days get closer, and every detail gets completed just as they both planned, it will be satisfying to be ready. Whew! Thank goodness Aug. 22 is almost here.
    Tina Hinchley, her husband, Duane, and their daughters, Anna and Catherine, milk 240 registered Holsteins with robots. They also farm 2,300 acres of crops near Cambridge, Wisconsin.  They have been hosting farm tours for over 20 years.