Maybe, if getting ready for work every day involved showering, picking out something nice to wear, and getting Dan ready for daycare, the process would run a little more smoothly than it did on Tuesday.

Or, then again, maybe not.

I got up early Tuesday morning to get myself ready for Midwest Dairy Expo. I have learned in the past two years that I need to be completely ready to go before waking Dan up to get him ready.

I showered, dressed, fixed my hair, and put on some makeup, all the while thinking of how thankful I am that a pony tail and pair of coveralls are the only dress requirements for my job.

Once I was ready I ventured upstairs to wake Dan. All but a few days of the month, Dan gets to sleep in and wake up whenever he wants. I prefer it this way because most mornings this arrangement allows me to finish morning chores before he wakes up.

Every rose has its thorn, though, and waking Dan up before he's ready can be a prickly job. Some mornings he's fine with a gentle wake-up. This morning was not one of those mornings.

He opened his eyes as soon as I walked into his room, looked at me, yelled "nigh-nigh", and squeezed his eyes shut again - a clear sign he was not done dreaming.

I rolled him over, told him it was time to go to Amy's, and proceeded to unzip his jammies. The fight that followed was worthy of a slot on prime time. The sheer strength of an angry two-year-old never fails to amaze me. After my attempt to pin him to the bed to put on his clean diaper proved futile, I opted for Plan B.

Dan's taken a liking to being changed on the changing table again now that it's been set up for the new baby. I carried him downstairs naked to the changing table. He laid there with his eyes squeezed shut pretending to sleep while I fastened his diaper without a single fuss. By the time I had his clothes on he had apparently decided it was okay to wake up.

With Dan waiting by the door to depart, I went to get my coat. Looking down I realized that the faint smell of urine I had noticed earlier wasn't coming from the wet diaper I'd just thrown away - it was coming from my shirt.

I had been peed on!

The wet spots hadn't soaked through my undershirt so I couldn't feel them, but there they were. Dan must have relieved himself while I was carrying him downstairs. I guess he was a little more p---ed off than I thought.

So there I was with pee on my shirt.

When you're six months pregnant finding something nice and comfortable to wear is about as challenging and time consuming as training a cow to lead.

I thought for a second about changing my shirt and decided the selection process would take way too long. Dan was still standing by the door giving me his "I thought we were going" look.

I blotted the spot with a baby wipe and stuck a paper towel between my belly and my shirt to absorb the fluid. By the time I got to Expo the spots had disappeared. Thank heavens toddler pee is fairly mild and I had chosen a black shirt to wear.

We had a great time at Expo. We were able to catch up with our friends in the dairy industry and the presentations left us with ideas to discuss the whole way home.

Next time, I'll just take Dan to daycare in his pajamas.