Kids Corner: The Hentsches

Kindsey Hentsch
7 years old
Second grade

When do you do chores? Sometimes I help feed bottle calves. I have a list of chores, and sometimes, I forget them.
What is your favorite chore and least favorite chore? My favorite chore is feeding bottles because I like the calves. My least favorite is milking because sometimes the cows pee and poop on me.  
What is your favorite animal on your farm? Aurora. She is a Red and White Holstein calf who is 4 days old. We also have two dogs and a lot of cats that I like too.  
What is your favorite subject in school? Art. I like art, and I have a whole basket of art in my house.
What is something you have learned in school recently? In art class, we learned how to make a bunny from a bag.
What do you want to be when you grow up? When I’m 16, I want to be a Walmart cashier, but when I grow up, I want to be a vet for pets. My grandpa is a vet for cows, but I want to help pets.
If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. I would have a red shed for hay and a green shed for tractors. I would have bunkers for the cow feed, a little calf barn and a lean-to for calves. I would have a big milking parlor and a pasture. Also, there would be a place for steers and the bull for when they are not in the pasture.
What is your favorite dairy treat? Chocolate ice cream.
What is your favorite game to play at home and on the farm? I like to make it rain with the hose.
What do you like to do during recess? My friends and I play with our imaginary friends together.


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