Champions named at Wisconsin State Brown Swiss Show

SHAWANO, Wis. – Brown Swiss breeders and enthusiasts flocked to Shawano July 9 to watch judge Darin Hill of Cattaraugus, New York, place 158 head at the Wisconsin State Brown Swiss Show.
After all classes had been placed, the show came down to four cows standing in the center of the ring.
Hill named Shelburne Deegan Dell as the grand champion and best uddered cow of the show. Dell was exhibited by Black Ridge Genetics of Blue Mounds.
Reserve grand champion honors went to the top-placing aged cow and reserve senior champion, Random Luck B Talented, exhibited by Matthew Thompson of Darlington. Talented was also selected to be the best bred and owned of the show.
The honorable mention grand champion was the intermediate champion, Seths Carter Petra-ET, exhibited by Seth Nehls of Hustisford. Petra was the winning senior 3-year-old cow. Reserve intermediate champion honors went to the second-place senior 3-year-old CIE Double W Wizdom Kat exhibited by Knapp Genetics of Epworth, Iowa.
Spots Pride Play It Again, the winning spring yearling, took home the junior champion banner for owner Tristen Ostrom of Kaukauna. The top-placing fall calf, Opsal-J Fuel My Fire, was named reserve junior champion for breeder and owner Joseph Opsal of Blue Mounds.
Double W Dairy of Holyoke, Colorado, was named the premier breeder of the show while Knapp Genetics of Epworth, Iowa, collected the premier exhibitor banner.
In the youth division, Random Luck B Talented earned the grand championship banner for Matthew Thompson, while Jenlar Seaman Tinsel was named the reserve senior and reserve grand champion for Brianna, Austin and Abby Meyer of Chilton.
The intermediate champions of the youth show were the top-placing youth-owned senior 2-year-olds. P Hill Martini On The Rocks, exhibited by Ashlee Garbers of West Salem, was named the youth show intermediate champion while Red Brae Thunder Shine-ET was selected as the reserve intermediate champion for owner Elise Bleck of Glenbuelah.
Hill selected the top spring yearling, Spots Pride Play It Again, as the youth show junior champion for Tristan Ostrom, while Hi-View Rampag Pixiestix, the winning summer yearling, was given the nod for reserve junior champion for brothers Dylan and Cameron Ryan of Fond du Lac.

Spring calves (15)
    1. Black-Ridge R Look My Way exhibited by Black Ridge Genetics
    2. Rockview Daredevil Fireball exhibited by Matt and Abby Opland
Winter calves (16)
    1. Opsal-J Pop A Bottle exhibited by Joseph Opsal and Peter Vail
    2. Myline DW Martinis Inxs exhibited by Jill Vail, Brad Kinney and Double W Dairy
Fall calves (22)
    1. Opsal-J Fuel My Fire exhibited by Joseph Opsal
    2. Stef-N Famous Kelsi-ETV exhibited by Nikole Steffenhagen and Kelsi Riley
Summer yearlings (20)
    1. Hi-View Rampag Pixiestix exhibited by Dylan and Cameron Ryan
2. Knapp Wood Pamela exhibited by Barton and Vail
Spring yearlings (16)
1. Spots Pride Play It Again exhibited by Tristen Ostrom
2. Acclaimed Secret Dreams exhibited by Black Ridge Genetics
Winter yearlings (13)
1. Jenlar Famous Waffles exhibited by Brianna, Austin and Abby Meyer
2. Jenlar MKE Wins In Six-ETV exhibited by Brothers Three Brown Swiss
Fall yearlings (9)
1. VB HJ CV Can-Due Barbie exhibited by Hilary Voegeli
2. R-Plaine Rampage Pentagon exhibited by R-Plaine Swiss
Junior best three females (5)
1. Jenlar Holsteins and Brown Swiss
2. Jenlar Holsteins and Brown Swiss
Summer junior 2-year-olds (2)
1. Fosters Patrick Bambi exhibited by Knapp Genetics
2. Summerwynd Flash J Taime exhibited by Tyler Schroepfer
Junior 2-year-olds (3)
1. Twinkle-Hill Dyn Dippy 1458 exhibited by Ron and Nicolle Wussow
2. Twinkle-Hill Dyn Oasis 1452 exhibited by John and Dee Winkelman
Senior 2-year-olds (9)
1. Knapp Woody Look At Me exhibited by Black-Ridge Genetics
2. Double W FF Tootsie exhibited by Jill Vail, Brad Kinney and Double W Dairy
Junior 3-year-olds (2)
1. Red Brae DAA Jongleur Jerin exhibited by Calli and Wyatt Storms
2. Red Brae DAA Martini Jocleta exhibited by Elise Bleck
Senior 3-year-olds (24)
1. Seths Carter Petra-ET exhibited by Seth Nehls
2. IE Double W Wizdom Kat exhibited by Knapp Genetics
4-year-olds (9)
1. Double W Lam Estera-OSC exhibited by Jill Vail and Brad Kinney
2. Double W DD Overdal exhibited by Knapp Genetics
5-year-olds (8)
1. Shelburne Deegan Dell exhibited by Black-Ridge Genetics
2. Jade R Noty Hog exhibited by Hayden Hauschildt
Aged cows (4)
1. Random Luck B Talented exhibited by Matthew Thompson
2. SS Debs 929 exhibited by Knapp Genetics
Component merit cow (1)
1. IE Double W Finn Tracer exhibited by Knapp Genetics
Senior best three females (2)
1. Double W Dairy
2. Red Brae Farm
Produce of dam (1)
1. Tyler Schroepfer
Dam and daughter (3)
1. Black-Ridge Genetics
2. Jenlar Holsteins and Brown Swiss   


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