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Blog 53


            I love that our cows can enjoy time on pasture. They sure do seem to enjoy it too.

            They stand and wait at the gate to go out, run and jump, and munch on the grass.

            They bask in the sun until it gets too hot, and they head back to the barn to get water and lay under the fans.

            Having cows on pasture means there is fence to tend to. Fencing is at the bottom of my favorite jobs to do. It even falls below moving cattle with my husband. (If you know, you know.)

            We have been slowly replacing stretches of fence over the last few years. This is fence that's probably been here 100 years. We have been replacing old, broken posts and switching out rusty, frail barbed wire for new wire. We even bought a new auger attachment for the skid loader to drill holes for corner posts. Our old one accommodated 6-by-6 posts, and now, we can drill holes to accommodate telephone poles. Using cut-off telephone poles for corner posts may be a little overkill in size, but they will hopefully last another 100 years.

            We are on our last stretch of replacing fence this year, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Yes, there will always be small repairs or tightening of wire, but that's a fair trade-off to watch the cows on pasture.


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