Parlor Talk Talkin'

Blog 52


“Hi Jenny. It's Aunt Lila. I'm digging up and splitting some hostas. Would you like some?”

            My aunt is 91, lives alone, still drives and is very active. She is typically volunteering for something at church or helping with community activities. She takes care of all of her yard work, including mowing the lawn with a push mower no less.

            She is very particular about her yard too. Trees and shrubs are trimmed, the grass is cut in straight lines, the sidewalk is edged, and not a weed can be found in any of the flower beds.

            It has always been a real treat to visit with her. We catch up on the rest of the family and reminisce about her farming days. We usually wind up playing a hand or two of cards. Of course, do not think you are leaving there without a fresh baked cookie or bowl of ice cream.

            I truly cherish my visits to her house and hope I am half as ambitious as she is at 91. Although I do not particularly need more hostas, I will stick them somewhere. Heck, I may even start a new flower bed just to put hostas in from Aunt Lila.


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