Blog 49


It warmed up enough that my little helper came out of winter hibernation. 

            She started to come outside last fall while I was feeding calves, and that’s all she talks about now. But, the winter was a little bit too cold for her. Now that it’s warmer, there’s no way she is going to stay in the house while there are calves to be fed.

            At 3 years old, the determination is pretty strong. She sits and stares out the bay window, just waiting for me to start loading up the side-by-side. That’s her signal to get her boots, coat, hat and mittens on. 

            She happened to forget her mittens at home the other day but wasn’t going to let that stop her. She ran to her back pack and came back with her boots, coat, hat and socks on her hands. I just smiled. She was bound and determined to help feed calves and wasn’t going to let a small little issue of no gloves stop her, nor was she going to get cold hands.   
            She reminded us all that if there’s a will, there’s a way, and sometimes you have to think outside the box to get the job done.


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