June 23, 2023 at 9:14 p.m.
Princess Kay Finalists

Sharing her legacy

Alberts advocates for women in agriculture

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PINE ISLAND, Minn. – Growing up in the world of dairy has led Mackenzie Alberts to recognize the importance of women in the agriculture industry.
“My dad has really installed in me the importance of having women in agriculture,” Alberts said. “I have looked up to many women working in the dairy industry both on and off the farm, and now I have the opportunity to follow in their footsteps.”
Alberts, the daughter of Eric and Angie Alberts, now has the opportunity to represent the dairy industry as a woman in agriculture as she serves as one of the 10 finalists vying for the title of Princess Kay of the Milky Way. The Alberts milk 500 registered Holsteins near Pine Island.
As a dairy farmer herself, Alberts sees the time and dedication farmers put into their passion for their career. She wants to be able to apply that passion to her role as a dairy princess.
“Being a dairy princess and being out in the public is a great way to represent the farmers who are at home working 365 days a year,” Alberts said. “It truly is a blessing to be able to pass on the legacy my family has had over the last seven generations.”
On the farm, Alberts is known as a jack of all trades. She plays multiple key roles on the farm but spends most of her time with the calves.
“I love to feed the calves, and I developed a passion for calf care,” Alberts said. “I fill in as a substitute milker as well if needed.”
In 2020, Alberts had her first experiences with the machinery side of the farm when her dad put her in a tractor.
“He hasn’t been able to get me out since,” she said. “I love helping haul hay or corn during harvest or manure and anything in between. Now, I am learning more of the mechanical side of the tractors and farm equipment.”
Outside of growing up on her family’s dairy, Alberts also found a passion for the industry through her involvement in 4-H and FFA. As the retiring Minnesota FFA state secretary, she has had the opportunity to connect with others all over the state and build lifelong friends. She hopes to continue building those connections and friendships within the Princess Kay program.
“I love to make connections with others,” Alberts said. “Being Princess Kay, you are given the opportunity to talk to a wide variety of people, so being able to make those connections will be important.”
Alberts is attending South Dakota State University, majoring in agricultural communications and leadership. She is planning to use her degree to find a career in connection with what she loves most – the dairy industry. In the future, she also has a goal of writing a book about her experiences growing up on a farm and hopefully raising a family on a farm.  
When the finalists were announced in May, Alberts and her family had plans to watch it on the television in her house; however, as often happens in the world of dairy farming, plans changed.
“My dad got caught up doing spring fieldwork, so we all met up at the shop just down the road, and my family hovered over my shoulder to watch it on my phone,” Alberts said.
Alberts said she is excited at the possibility of representing Minnesota’s farmers and the contributions they have made. Vying for the role of Princess Kay gives her the opportunity to connect with consumers across the state.  
“There are a million different ways for consumers to incorporate dairy into their diets,” Alberts said. “Not only is dairy super healthy for them, but it is something they can enjoy and feel good about purchasing. As Princess Kay, I would have the opportunity to create new diverse experiences for the consumer. I want our consumers to be aware of their options and know that they can always rely on dairy.”
In addition to nutrition, Alberts said she wants customers to know that on the farm, animal care comes first.
“Our animals have all that they need every day to be happy, healthy and comfortable as well as able to produce a wholesome product,” Alberts said.
Alberts also wants consumers to know that dairy farmers are very good at what they do and to know they can trust the dairy industry.
“Trust is a huge thing for me, and I have no doubt that consumers can trust our farmers and the quality products that they produce,” Alberts said.
 At the end of the summer, Alberts will attend the Minnesota State Fair for the coronation of the 70th Princess Kay of the Milky Way. No matter the outcome, Alberts said she will always be an advocate for women in agriculture.


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