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Princess Kay Finalists

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Krueger farms full time while promoting dairy

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Alex Christen/Dairy Star

Montana Krueger kneels with her cows July 13 on her family’s farm near Arlington, Minnesota. Krueger is the third generation on her farm.


ARLINGTON, Minn. – When the world went into lockdown in 2020, it provided Montana Krueger with the opportunity to spend more time doing what she loves – working on the farm. During this time, she decided dairy farming was something she wanted to make a lifetime commitment to.

“I plan to keep farming full time with my dad, and we have plans to expand in the near future,” Krueger said. “I have been training on the farm with my family, and I get firsthand experience without having to leave the farm.”

The love for the farm that Krueger has led her to her title as a Sibley County Dairy Princess, which she has held for the past three years. More recently, she has been named as one of the 2023 finalists for Princess Kay of the Milky Way.

Krueger is the daughter of Scott and Stephanie Krueger and has been active on her family’s dairy farm for as long as she can remember. The Krueger family milks 100 cows and farms 200 acres.

While the cows are the main focus of the farm, Krueger also owns a herd of Boer-Dapple crossbred goats as well as three llamas and one alpaca. She began acquiring these animals during her high school years and has grown her herds from there. These animals also play a large role in Krueger’s advocacy journey. 

“They are adorable, and the community thinks so as well,” Krueger said “When the goats had their babies this spring, I let people come to the farm to see them.”

Krueger was able to use this to showcase not only the goats but the entirety of the dairy operation. She wants consumers to see how much effort farmers put into everyday care for their animals and the dedication they have to producing a wholesome product. 

“As a full-time farmer, I know how busy our schedules are,” Krueger said. “Allowing people to learn about dairy right on the farm is such a unique opportunity.”

On the farm, Krueger is responsible for the daily milking, feeding the cows throughout the day and watering them in the afternoon. 

“I help out wherever I am needed, but milking cows is probably my favorite place to be,” Krueger said.

When Krueger was announced as a finalist via the Princess Kay Facebook page in May, she said she could not believe she was accomplishing one of her biggest dreams.

“When my bio was being read, my dad immediately started yelling that it was me,” Krueger said. “I didn’t believe him, and I was completely in denial even after my name was announced.”

Alex Christen/Dairy Star

Montana Krueger stands with her parents, Scott and Stephanie Krueger, July 13 on their farm near Arlington, Minnesota. The Kruegers currently milk 100 cows and farm 200 acres.


The announcement was followed by happy tears throughout the Krueger household and even in her aunt’s house an hour away, where her grandparents received the news from Krueger over the phone.

“I called my grandma and she started to cry too,” Krueger said. “It was an exciting day.”

Now that she is spending the summer as a Princess Kay finalist, Krueger is looking for new ways to connect with consumers. She wants to be able to utilize social media in new ways to make those connections.

“Using social media to promote our livelihood and show exactly what goes on in the life of a dairy farmer is so beneficial,” Krueger said. “I’ve started a Facebook page for my goats and my llamas and I use that to talk about cows as well.”

Krueger wants to let consumers know it is important to choose dairy products as often as possible.

“There are so many dairy products to enjoy that are also good for you and your health,” Krueger said. “Trying as many as you can allows you to find out what you like.”

Connecting with the next generation is also a large part of Krueger’s advocacy journey.

“I have day care visits lined up where I will be making butter with the kids and reading them a story,” Krueger said. “I’m really excited to educate them to help them understand dairy.

In Krueger’s spare time, she continues to build connections and relationships with children through her role as a dance instructor. She said she enjoys connecting with those younger than she is as well as people of all ages that she encounters through her numerous events in the community throughout the summer. 

After the coronation in August and time spent at the state fair, Krueger will return home to her cows. Crown or no crown, she will remain a dedicated advocate of the industry that raised her. 

“I’m passionate about the dairy industry,” Krueger said. “It is what I do, and getting to promote it as both a princess and a farmer is so rewarding.”


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