October 14, 2022 at 6:13 p.m.

Four brothers carry farm forward

Saemrow family honored as Rice County’s family of the year
The Saemrow brothers Ron (from left), Gordon, Keith and Wayne stand in their freestall barn Sept. 30 near Waterville, Minnesota. They were the Rice County Farm Family of the Year and milk 750 Holstein cows. PHOTO BY TAYLOR JERDE
The Saemrow brothers Ron (from left), Gordon, Keith and Wayne stand in their freestall barn Sept. 30 near Waterville, Minnesota. They were the Rice County Farm Family of the Year and milk 750 Holstein cows. PHOTO BY TAYLOR JERDE

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WATERVILLE, Minn. – Wayne, Gordon, Ron and Keith Saemrow grew up working side by side on the family farm, and today, the four brothers continue to be in partnership together.
“It’s almost unheard of that we, as a four-brother partnership survived,” Wayne said.

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Equally as impressive is the relationship the now-grown children have with their mom. At the age of 95, Marian is active on the farm and helps with calf chores.
“It’s her reason to get up in the morning,” Gordon said.
The family’s commitment to one another and their community led to the Saemrows being recognized as the 2022 Rice County Farm Family of the Year by the University of Minnesota.
The Saemrow brothers are the fourth generation on the farm near Waterville, which dates back to 1894. The brothers have grown their farm to include 750 cows and 2,000 acres. They are also contract turkey growers for Jennie-O.
Although farming is the brothers’ full-time job, they have the same commitment to volunteering that their dad, Herb, did.
Whenever a need arises in the community, the brothers and their families are willing to help in any way possible. Whether it is donating a tractor to another farmer in need, plastic for an organization’s polar plunge or ground beef for an event, Wayne said they are eager to lend a hand.
“The community has been good to us, so it’s our way to give back,” Wayne said.
Wayne was a member of the Land-O-Lakes leadership council for 20 years, held a board position with 40 Square Cooperative Solutions and is also on the Rice County American Dairy Association board. His wife, Abbie, is on the Oak Ridge cemetery board.
Gordon said they take pride in giving back to their community and support system.
“I feel being involved opens doors,” Gordon said.
Gordon serves on the church counsel and is treasurer of the Rice County ADA board. His wife, Hindy, is a 4-H and FFA advisor.
Ron is also on the church counsel and teaches Sunday school; he has coached little league and contributed to various community organizations; and has served terms on the Rice County ADA board and the board for Ag Partners. Ron’s wife, Brenda, also assists with fundraising events.
Keith has been active with the Morristown Fire Rescue for 20 years; meanwhile, his wife, Jackie, has also served with the fire department. Keith is on the Ag Partners Board of Directors.
All four brothers are involved in the North Morristown Community Club. Through this organization, they assist in running a food booth during a Fourth of July celebration and donate to various events.
While they enjoy being active off the farm, each day is spent with family. Gordon said the farm is the best place to raise a family.
“Working with family shows you can compromise,” Gordon said. “The farm provides us with so many opportunities that we are grateful for.”
Keith said they enjoy each day they have working together.
“There have been times where I have had four kids in the chopper with me,” Keith said. “My kids have always wanted to be at the farm.”
Being on their farm full time has allowed the brothers to do what they are most passionate about, growing as a family while farming.
“Farming is a hobby; I don’t feel like I am doing work,” Keith said.
While keeping busy off the farm takes much of their time, the brothers stay occupied with their various roles on the farm.
Wayne is the dairy manager; he handles the day-to-day activities and employees. The farm employs 14 non-family members and 10 family members. Wayne also oversees the financial aspects of the farm.
Gordon manages the turkey barns. Additionally, he cares for their replacement heifers which are raised at six locations. Ron oversees bunker management and the feeding. He also helps wherever is needed. Keith manages the calves and oversees fieldwork.
“You feel a satisfaction when you succeed and things go well,” Gordon said. “Our successes motivate us to continue.”
The future of their farm looks bright. With their continuous community support, active involvement and a future generation to take over, Keith said new ideas will be implemented to continue growing and developing the farm.
“We continue to make improvements so we can do better for the next generation,” Keith said. “It’s important to take care of details.”


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