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Payments triggered for Margin Protection Program-Dairy (MPP)

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Dairy payments are triggered when the national average margin, the difference between the price of milk and the cost of feed, falls below a producer-selected margin trigger, ranging from $4 to $8/cwt. For a specified consecutive two-month period. Final USDA prices for milk and feed components required to determine the national average margin for the January-February 2015 period were released on March 30. The resulting MPP payment margin rate announced on March 30 was $7.99554/cwt which results in an MPP payment rate of $0.004456/cwt for dairy operations selecting an $8/cwt margin trigger coverage level for 2015.

Minnesota FSA: Annual CRP compliance notification and reminders
The Farm Service Agency (FSA) would like to remind Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) participants of their responsibility to ensure that acres enrolled in CRP are properly maintained throughout the contract period, as agreed to in the CRP contract (CRP-1 Appendix) and the Conservation Plan of Operations (CPO). FSA encourages contract participants to regularly visit and evaluate the conditions of the CRP acreage to ensure the vegetative cover and conservation practice are properly maintained to adequately control erosion, protect air and water quality and enhance wildlife habitat, as agreed to in the approved CPO.
CRP contract participants are required to control undesirable weeds, invasive plants, insects, pests and rodents on the entire CRP acreage covered by the CPO, as determined by the FSA County Committee (COC), so that the existing CRP cover, as well as surrounding landowners, air and water quality or wildlife habitat, are not adversely impacted. FSA has the authority to determine that a violation has occurred when any portion of the CRP acreage is infested, degraded, destroyed or otherwise compromised to the point that the established conservation practice no longer functions as intended.
CRP policies also require CRP acreage to be in compliance with the state noxious weed law as determined by the state or local noxious weed commission.
Participant awareness of the condition of CRP acreage is crucial to remaining in compliance with CRP regulations. Failure to adequately maintain CRP acreage may result in a compliance violation. FSA randomly spot checks CRP acreage; if the acreage is found to have areas not in compliance with the CPO, a violation will be determined by the COC. FSA is not required to notify participants of potential areas of violation on the CRP acreage. When a violation occurs, the participant will either be assessed a payment reduction on the affected acres or the affected acres may be terminated and payments refunded.
The established payment reduction for lack of control of undesirable weeds on CRP in Minnesota is $30, or more, per acre in violation.
CRP maintenance activities may be conducted anytime outside the established primary nesting and brood rearing season, June 1 (north) or May 15 (south) through August 1, without FSA approval; however, spot treatment of specific areas in critical need of maintenance may be conducted at any time with prior approval by FSA. To request approval of spot treatment of CRP acreage, participants should contact their local FSA office.

Additional CRP Participant Responsibilities
CRP participants have additional responsibilities during the CRP contract period. Such responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Annually certifying CRP acreage with FSA prior to the July 15 deadline;
• Not disturbing the CRP acreage during the primary nesting and brood rearing season of June 1 (north) or May 15 (south) through August 1, except with prior approval from FSA for spot maintenance treatment in the immediate area of infestation;
• Conduct applicable management activities as scheduled in the approved CPO;
• Request approval from FSA in advance of conducting any acreage management activity not scheduled in the approved CPO;
• Notify FSA of any changes that may affect CRP payment eligibility or interest in the CRP contract acreage such as transfer of ownership, establishment of trust or entities, etc.
CRP participants should review the CRP-1 Appendix for details on program responsibilities. A copy of the CRP-1 Appendix may be obtained from the county office upon request. CRP is the nation's largest and most successful public-private conservation program, providing conservation benefits of reduced soil erosion, improved air and water quality and enhanced wildlife habitat. FSA appreciates program participation in CRP and seeks to continue working with interested landowners or producers in enrolling acres in CRP and providing environmental benefits.
For more information concerning FSA conservation programs, please contact your local FSA office or visit the Farm Service Agency website at
Farm Service Agency is an Equal Opportunity Lender. Complaints about discrimination should be sent to: Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250. Visit the Farm Service Agency Web site at: for necessary application forms and updates on USDA programs.
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