September 5, 2017 at 3:32 p.m.

New memories

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I have always loved snow, but when it comes to traveling I could do without. Snow seems to either cause a delay or cancel plans altogether. I can remember this exact scenario happening a few Christmases ago. On Christmas Eve, we had received a solid five inches of snow and there was no way we would be able to make the annual two hour trip to my grandma's house the next morning. I was absolutely crushed. I wouldn't get to eat the big family Christmas dinner, sit around the tree while we opened gifts, or see my cousins. However, as that Christmas morning came about, I found advantages to not traveling for the holidays. My entire family was able to sleep a little longer as we did not have to rush through morning chores to get on the road to Grandma's. The seemingly long four hour round trip was replaced by snowball fights and a family football game. Even though I didn't get to eat Grandma's holiday stuffing, I was able to spend time with my sisters and mom as we made our own Christmas feast complete with iced Christmas cookies. While I missed the opportunity to visit my cousins and relatives, I would not trade that Christmas for anything because I was able to spend time with my family on our farm creating a new memory.
This year I have been making plenty of new memories while serving as Princess Kay of the Milky Way. This past Sunday, I attended the Minnesota Vikings game with student ambassadors for the Fuel Up to Play 60 program. The students and I were all very excited to run out on the field through the same tunnel that many of their heroes run through. Fuel Up to Play 60 is a great way for students to take control of their lives and health while working with not only their football heroes, but dairy producers too. These student ambassadors are the future of our programs, and I was very excited to hear what they had to say about each of their school programs.
During the Vikings game, I spoke with consumers from Minnesota as well as fans from Chicago. Many of the football fans had heard about the Play 60 part of the program, but definitely had questions about how the Fuel Up portion is working with the schools to promote a healthy living. I guess it goes to show that people are willing to listen anywhere and anytime, except, of course, when Adrian Peterson had the ball. During halftime, I was approached by fans who had visited the butterbooth at the state fair. They were very interested in the whereabouts of my butterhead. After telling them it was back home on the farm, they wanted to know all about milking and what we do to make all that great tasting milk into so much butter. I also met a few fans from out of state that were curious about why I was wearing a crown. After informing them about Princess Kay of the Milky Way and that I served as a goodwill ambassador for the dairy industry, we were able to chat about how they incorporate dairy, especially chocolate milk, into their diets at home.
While I really enjoyed talking to the students and football fans, I had the opportunity to meet with many dairy farmers during the past month. I spoke at the Midwest Dairy Expo, Farm Bureau's Annual Conference, and the National Farmers Organization's Annual Meeting. I was elated to see many farmers and industry workers who all hold the same love and passion for the dairy and agriculture industry in one place. I could not be more proud to represent such a wonderful group of people who work hard every day to feed the world. I look forward to 2013 and the new memories I will have as I travel the state speaking on behalf of the dairy industry and the dairy farmers of Minnesota. I hope that all of you have a wonderful holiday season and manage to avoid too many snow delays this winter!
Christine Reitsma is the 59th Princess Kay of the Milky Way and a student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Her parents, Paul and Carolyn Reitsma, milk cows and farm with their family in Sauk Centre, Minn. If you have a consumer-focused appearance for Princess Kay, contact Seena Glessing at 320-282-6337 or e-mail her at [email protected].
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