September 5, 2017 at 3:32 p.m.

Management changes at Plainview cooperative

Troy Gascoigne succeeds Dallas Moe

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PLAINVIEW, Minn.-Troy Gascoigne will succeed Dallas Moe as general manager of the 300-patron Plainview Milk Products Cooperative on Jan. 15. Moe will retire after 17 years at the Plainview cooperative.
"I'll be sad to leave, but I believe I've made it stronger," Moe said. "I've always been proud to be a part of Plainview Milk Products. It's uniquely situated. We have hardworking, honest members. It's a challenge because we're competing with larger co-ops, but challenges are good."
Competition from those larger companies makes the co-op stronger and helps it find ways to create more quality products, Moe believes.
"Everyone works together for the ultimate goal of providing a good product," the retiring manager said.
Plainview Milk Products provides products for Kwik Trip, Kemps, and Ben and Jerry's, among others.
During Moe's years at Plainview Milk Products, the cooperative went to all Grade A, went to all rBST-free, became European Union certified, and started making organic products.
"We've done a good job providing quality products. That will continue with Troy," Moe said. "Troy has experience in the food and dairy industry. He'll be great at Plainview and he's going to carry on the success of the co-op."
Gascoigne (pronounced Gas-coin) has spent his entire working career with dairy companies in Minnesota and Wisconsin. A native of South Dakota and a graduate of South Dakota State University, Gascoigne describes his background as colorful, in that it includes a wide range of experience.
After graduating with a degree in dairy management, Gascoigne first worked for several years with Mid-America Dairymen (now DFA) at several locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin. He then worked for Land O'Lakes and Bongards Creamery before going back to DFA. He managed the DFA plant in Zumbrota for five years, then became director of technical services for DFA, travelling to all locations. He completed a variety of duties, including start-ups, for two or three years. He spent the next three years selling, installing, and commissioning equipment for cheese plants and drying plants with two different companies.
"Now I'm back in the operations side of things. That's good ... that's what I enjoy," Gascoigne said. "I gained a lot of experience, saw many different products and was exposed to lots of different plants. The equipment side was good, too. I guess you can say I'm well-rounded."
In addition to his love of working in operations, Gascoigne made the move to Plainview for another reason.
"For the last six or seven years, my work involved extensive travel. It wears on you after awhile," he said.
Troy and his wife, Michelle, have lived in Zumbrota the last 11 years and will continue to do so. They have three adult children. In his spare time, Gascoigne enjoys motorcycling, fishing and being outdoors.
Gascoigne has been with Plainview since Nov. 1, working with Moe to prepare for the transition.
"So far I like it here," he said. "It's a good co-op with a good board of directors. I'm looking forward to the challenge of continuing the success that Plainview has experienced over the years. My first order of business is to understand what we do here, why and how."
Gascoigne said Plainview's dry blending operation has a lot of potential and that he will push that side of the business.
"We also have a small butter operation that has opportunities for future growth," he said. "I know the board is interested in growing the co-op down the road and being more successful. The next year will be spent growing the business where we have opportunities and fine-tuning things."
Plainview Milk Products Cooperative was established in 1899 in Plainview, Minn., as a dairy cooperative servicing local patrons. Historically, cooperatives and granges were formed by communities as vehicles to market their products and serve as a source of community support. PMPC has maintained its position as a true cooperative in Plainview and the surrounding region. It has managed to retain its identity as an independent co-op.
Plainview's members are spread throughout southeastern Minnesota and southwestern Wisconsin. It also owns and operates a commodity feed store and farm supply facility based on the same business philosophy and ethics that are practiced at the creamery.
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