September 5, 2017 at 3:32 p.m.

Hoffmans close house to visitors

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For the second year in a row, I was ill on New Year's Eve.
Not that I would have partied until midnight, but it would be nice to go to this certain party.
Both years, Steve's nephew, Scott, has hosted a New Year's Eve card playing party, and I have yet to go. If things don't turn around, people are going to quit believing I am actually sick and take my absence personally!
I guess I can thank Russell for sharing the flu with me. It dragged me down for three days.
Being the kind, helpful mother and wife that I am and because I find I feel good if I share, I shared the flu with Steve.
Now Steve's the one lying on the couch sleeping the days away. He rouses every so often to cough out his left lung, but then he returns to a hap-hazard sleep. I do feel bad for him. I know how miserable I felt when I was ill.
"Am I going to live?" he moaned.
"Yes dear, you will live," I replied with a chuckle. "There was one point when I was sick when I felt like crying."
"I think I am at that point," Steve whined.
It really is a miserable illness. I am not surprised the Sleepy Eye Hospital closed its doors to visitors because of the flu.
We did not experience any rapid movement of any bodily fluids, thankfully. Yep, it was a true-blue flu. We were inundated with a mild fever, persistent headache, incessant coughing and body aches that made us walk like we had participated in the first few days of a high school sports practice.
Out of our warped sense of humor out here on the farm, I hung a "quarantined" sign on our front door.
It warned any and all visitors of the unsavory guest in our house. We really didn't need any company coming over to chit-chat.
Don't call me weird. It's working. The only one to knock at the door was my father-in-law, and he never set foot in the house. Joey held him at bay on the front porch.
Joey is the only one around here that hasn't been affected by the flu. He says it's because he is in such top physical condition, which just makes me laugh so hard that I start coughing all over again.
Which reminds me, and this is totally off subject, of what Joey said to Steve and I this morning. We were discussing retirement plans and where we want to live.
After lipping off a bit, Joey added, "They should have a rule for senior citizens like they do for babies. You know where you can drop them off at a hospital and there will be no questions asked. That's what I would do with you two!"
He cares so much for us.
So anyway, as we try to get healthy around here, Joey keeps reminding us it's his awesome body and mind that keep him healthy.
Joey is a bean pole, and he's going to be the first to go when the famine hits! Chubby people will rule when that time comes!
Joey really has been a life saver though, and thankfully we all get sick when he's home. He is the only one that has been filling in for all of us nauseating people. He quarantines himself in his bedroom.
He was supposed to have most of this week off, but instead he has gotten up at five every morning to fill in for us as we roll around and moan in bed - because we are sick.
It's good to have older children to fill in; it makes you appreciate them even if they threaten to drop you off with only a small suitcase, in front of a hospital.
I suppose eventually we will be feeling better. That's probably when Joey will be feeling sick.
For questions, or comments, e-mail me at [email protected]
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